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Bite Radio UK is an UK radio station which plays all genres, with a special passion for Reggae. All our Djs play for the love of music, Have fun and bring people together from all over the world. We are 4 years old and we just do things the Biteradiouk way.


Bite Started back in Feb 2016 By Bod and his Wife Vixsta.

Bod has been in Radio/Dj'in business for over 35 years and  has a passion for music, he took everything he had learned over the years and folded it into Bite Radio UK, using this platform to showcase and highlight upcoming NEW Artists, giving these Artist a chance to show their talents to our audience a giving our audience the chance to get to know  the new artists and love their songs. 


Bod, is not only the owner but also does weekly Sunday Shows with “Interviews with Bod”. These interviews allow listener to get to know the artist, relax and just enjoy the music. 

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